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Custom Beasties Tees

The Beastie Boys Lyric-a-Nator (aka the Dope T-shirt Generator)

We've had tons of requests from fellow Beastie Boys fans to design shirts with lyrics from their favorite Beastie Boys songs. We are huge Beasties fans too, so we can relate. There's nothing like wearing a Beasties lyric on your shirt like a badge of honor - especially when you get to help create it! With our Beasties Boys Lyric-a-Nator Dope T-shirt Generator it's now possible - for fans worldwide.

Do you have a favorite line from Brass Monkey, Shake Your Rump, Sabotage or Intergalactic? Great. Send it to us. We'll put it on a shirt for you. Do you have a favorite line from MCA? Adrock? Mike D? Or, how about a favorite line from an obscure Beasties song. Yep, our Beastie Lyric-a-Nator Dope T-Shirt Generator can handle just about any Beastie Boys lyric. It's an amazing piece of machinery with a trophy-case full of Popular Mechanics awards to prove it. 

How it Works - Make Your Own Beastie Boys Tee

Our Beastie Boys Lyric-a-Nator Dope T-Shirt Generator is truly is an amazing machine. Just send us the Beastie Boys song lyric that you want on the shirt and it does the rest. Here's how it works...

1. Send us the Beastie Boys lyric you want on the shirt using this form
2. We will mock-up the lyric on a shirt with several color options
3. We will send you a link to your Beastie lyric shirt to view it
4. You buy it and we ship you the shirt fast:)
5. You brag to your foes’n’friends about your dope new Beastie Boys shirt courtesy of Lee’s Sportswear

Costs to you: $25 per shirt, plus shipping


Ready to get go? Start by sending us your favorite Beastie Boys lyric you want and let's go!

(See a few shirt examples below...)